About Bears In Captivity

Many bears are currently trapped in captivity all over the world. Living in small cages next to restaurants, hotels or petrol stations, bears are abused as a form of entertainment. Undernourished and ill, many of them are forced to perform tricks to entertain tourists, or they are simply chained through their sensitive noses, held captive so people can pose with them for photos. Bears are also abused for the practice of "bear baiting". Bear baiting is a gruesome practice whereby bears, often half-starved or injured, are tethered with ropes or chains and forced to 'fight' against hunting dogs. This horrific practice is for training dogs for the hunt by setting them on bears; however, it is rare for a bear to be able to even defend themselves.

FOUR PAWS is fighting to end the suffering of these bears. We are dedicated to rescuing bears, just like Rosa, who are suffering in captivity and bringing them to safety.

FOUR PAWS never buys an animal or pays for their release. As part of our negotiation process, animals must be voluntarily handed over along with provisos that the cage must remain empty. That way, we not only end the suffering of the animal who we are rescuing, but ensure that no other animal will take their place.  

Our rescues are challenging, with the bears often suffering from disorders, physical deformities or behavioural issues caused by years of abuse. FOUR PAWS breaks them free of their cages and brings them to one of our six species-appropriate sanctuaries for rescued bears, providing forever homes for bears who need it most. We provide urgent medical care, proper nutrition and skills enrichment so they can finally live as a bear should. We do this in the hope that one day, no more bears will suffer the way Rosa did.

There are still many more bears like Rosa who need our help. Beaten, horribly injured, and cruelly humiliated. No bear should be condemned to a life like this, so please donate today so we can rescue the last bears and bring them to our sanctuaries, to finally know a life of peace and safety.